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This is tearing me apart. I wish I could be in your soft arms

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Sunday, January 11th, 2004
9:19 pm - heyyy :)

^ go there and go to POLLS and vote for there's no tomorrow (my friends band). if you have internet explorer do it there cuz it works better.


i love you all! :D
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Monday, December 15th, 2003
11:47 am

Hi I'm Hector G!
I'm just posting in here to try to get the word out.

My band Fueled II Fire just got back from doing 3 dates with the Ill Nino tour in Austin, Abilene and Lubbock.
It was good times.

Anyways, if you'd like, listen to the MP3's on our website and tell me what you think. Brutal honesty is much appreciated. If you like the heavier, more hardcore stuff, I want to know if you dig this.


The MP3's are in the media section.

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Thursday, December 11th, 2003
8:38 pm - LOTS OF NEWS!

MORE TOUR, NEW VIDEO - 12.11.2003 2:04:30 PM
When was the last time you checked out the list of tour dates on the Ill Nino tour front? There are already dates that take the band into February of next year. Starting next week, the band is hitting the road with Sevendust, and will be with them up to February. The latest dates added to said tour are as follows:

01-18 Indianapolis, IN- Egyptian Room @ Murat Centre
01-20 Cincinnati, OH- Bogart's
01-23 St. Louis, MO- The Pageant
01-27 Kansas City, MO- Uptown Theatre
02-03 Portland, OR- Roseland Theater

note - for the above dates, Sevendust headlines, ILL NINO is direct support, Element Eighty also appears. Other acts TBA (see TOUR section for all upcoming Ill Nino dates).

In other band news, sometime in the coming month, the band will be shooting a video for "This Time's For Real" off their latest release, Confession. Completed video should be in house come sometime in mid-May.


INTO THE NEW YEAR - 12.4.2003 3:13:45 PM
Ill Nino is on the road. Currently, they are making their way through the midwest, and will be in Pittsburgh come the weekend. And then? And then?? And then Ill Nino will be touring well into the New Year. In fact, a load of new dates have just been confirmed. They are as follows:

12-18 Reno, NV- The New Oasis
12-19 Salt Lake City, UT- Bricks
12-20 Denver, CO- Ogden Theatre
01-02 Tampa, FL- The Masquerade
01-03 Atlanta, GA- Tabernacle
01-04 Norfolk, VA- The Norva
01-06 Clifton Park, NY- Northern Lights
01-07 Hartford, CT- Webster Theatre
01-08 Philadelphia, PA- The Electric Factory
01-09 Boston, MA- Avalon Ballroom
01-10 NYC - Hammerstein Ballroom
01-11 Washington, DC- 9:30 Club
01-14 Providence, RI - Lupo's
01-15 Niagara Falls, NY - Dome Theatre
01-16 Cleveland, OH- The Odeon
01-17 Ft. Wayne, IN - Piere's

note I - for all above dates, Sevendust headlines, Ill Nino is direct support, other acts tba.

note II - for all upcoming confirmed Ill Nino dates, check the TOUR section.


CONFESSIONS OF A DRUMMER - 12.1.2003 2:46:04 PM
Among your internet travels, check out the following link at KNAC.com (http://knac.com/article.asp?ArticleID=2612) for an interview with drummer Dave Chavarri. And make sure to check out the TOUR section for all upcoming and current show dates.


WELCOME TO THE NEW YEAR - 11.21.2003 4:26:07 PM
Just confirmed, Ill Nino will be teaming up for a tour with Sevendust starting on New Year's Eve in Orlando. The tour will run until mid-February, playing the Southeast, East Coast, Mid West, and the Southwest. Ill Nino plays as special guest/direct support throughout the whole tour (Sevendust headlining).

Dates and details coming shortly.

ill nino picsCollapse )

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Friday, November 14th, 2003
5:13 pm - illnino.com news update

HELLO ROCHESTER - 11.7.2003 1:24:46 PM
To all of you in the Rochester, NY area, get ready to meet Ill Nino. During their upcoming tour travels in the Northeast, they will be stopping by House of Guitars in Rochester, NY for an in-store. Details are as follows:

Ill Nino
Friday Nov 21 @ 4:30 PM
- in-store signing and pizza party w/Ill Nino

House of Guitars

If you can get there, you are invited.

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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
8:01 pm - some news from illnino.com

MASTERS OF BRUTALITY - 10.30.2003 5:20:08 PM

Amongst your reading travels, please be sure to check out the December issue of Guitar World. Therein, you will find an article titled Masters Of Brutality: The 10 Metal Bands You Need To Know...Now! Of course, and the reason this is being written, Ill Nino is on the list. And the words written to describe, very glowing - enough to make any Ill Nino fan proud.


ALL UK NOW, THEN USA - 10.29.2003 12:18:30 PM

Ill Nino has spent the past month touring Europe with labelmates Chimaira and Spineshank. The band is currently heading from Portugal to the UK. Once in the UK, the last six dates of this European tour run...and then back to the US come late first week of November.

And then? And then, it's back to touring the US, including dates with Godsmack. Tour dates are being confirmed as this is being written, so make sure to keep checking the TOUR section of the site.


C.S.I. ILL NINO - 10.13.2003 3:18:24 PM

Here's one for you: Amongst your television travels tonight, stop by CBS. On this evening (10/13) is C.S.I. Miami (9pm-10pm EST). And at some point on the show this evening, you will hear the sounds of Ill Nino. The song, "I Am Loco." The scene, when the C.S.I. team is hunting an alligator in the Everglades.

Did You Know? Last season, C.S.I. Miami used the Ill Nino songs "I Am Loco" and "Liar" in episodes. True.

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Friday, October 17th, 2003
7:28 pm - Signed Ill Nino Poster

For you Ill Nino fans... there is something on Ebay you might like...

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Sunday, October 5th, 2003
12:33 pm - this is modified_lie reporting for duty. yes, this is my new username.

a little bit of ill nino news for your face.. or something. haha.

CONFESSION Out Now - 9.30.2003 1:48:57 PM
Surely you are aware, but in case this is your first time coming here, the new Ill Nino album Confession is out now. C'mon now...

In other Nino news, the band is spending the afternoon today at CD World in the Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ...and on Thursday (10/02) they fly to Europe for the European Road Rage tour with Chimaira and Spineshank. Tour plans upon their return to the US in early November to follow soon...


Face Culture - 9.30.2003 1:39:12 PM
Now online at www.FaceCulture.com is part 1 of a video interview with Cristian Machado and Laz Pina. They talk about recording their second album Confession, latin influences, making music and the member changes. Face Culture spoke to the singer and the bass player on the 22th of August in the Jolly Carlton hotel in Amsterdam. On October 6th, part 2 will follow, where Cristian Machado gives deep insight into his psyche and lyrics, and he and Laz answer questions fans sent in.

for more news go to http://www.illnino.com
they changed it and it looks very awesome.

moving on... new ill nino pics:

click here, tons of picsCollapse )

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
7:43 pm

You're Cristian Machado, singer
You're Cristian!

Which Member of Ill Nino Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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3:20 pm - ill nino news..


Ill Nino - currently gearing up to hit the road with labelmates Spineshank come next week - will be featured guests on the second half of Rockline's nationally syndicated radio show airing September 15th. The live show begins at 8:30pmPT/11:30pm ET - and fans are encouraged to call in with questions during the program at (800) 344-ROCK (7625). To find a station near you check out www.rocklineradio.com.

new album Confession in stores September 30th

HITTING THE ROAD - 8.01.2003

Ill Nino labelmates Spineshank just made their return to the road, and Ill Nino is just about to start...and when Ill Nino hits the road, it will be with Spineshank.

Just confirmed, Ill Nino and Spineshank will be co-headlining an upcoming tour which is set to start on September 5th and run thru September 29th (alternating closing slots each night). The tour will hit the east coast, southeast, southwest, and midwest. 40 Below Summer will open all shows and Skrape is second on the bill.

Confirmed dates should be rolling in early next week. More to come...

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003
3:55 pm

I made a new Tattoo, piercings, and body modifications Journal.
Check it out.
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Friday, July 25th, 2003
2:08 pm - ill nino news!

ILL NINO, TAKE 3 - 6.23.2003

Let's see...first Ill Nino update of the day was all about the new boys - guitarist Ahrue and percussionist Danny...second Ill Nino update was about the band's upcoming photo shoot and video shoot. And on the third update, it's about the release and getting back on the road.

Ill Nino's sophomore release - titled Confessions - is currently slated for a late September street date. However, the video which is to be shot in early July - for the track "How Can I Live" - actually has ties to the upcoming August soundtrack release for the horror flick Freddy vs Jason. "How Can I Live," in fact, is slated to be the first single off this soundtrack.

So, August brings the first Ill Nino track and September is currently to bring their full new album. What else might August bring? Hell, it might bring what Ill Nino is most best known for: TOUR. Yes, quite possibly the hardest working band on the road last time out (numerous countries multiple times over extended periods on the road) could be hitting the road as soon as August.

What to expect? "The same beating (fans) got the first time around," laughs Chavarri. "We can't wait to get on the road with the new guys. We've been rehearsing every day for the past two weeks and it sounds better than ever. We can't to get back out there in August."

ILL NINO, TAKE 2 - 6.23.2003

The previous Ill Nino news briefing told of new members Ahrue (guitar) and Danny (percussion). This Ill Nino briefing tells of new photos and a new video (maybe even two).

This Saturday (6/28), keep your eyes peeled for Ill Nino in the streets of New York (shouldn't be hard to miss). On said day they will be getting all dulled up for the photoshoot for their upcoming album, titled Confessions. Exact shooting spots? Not sure...some in a studio, some up in Spanish Harlem, and some...some still to be determined.

And then, come July 8th out in LA, a new Ill Nino video will be shot. The video will be for the track "How Can I Live'...which, by the way, is slated to be the first single off the Freddy vs Jason soundtrack (August 12th release date). The video will be directed by Martin Weisz - former video credits include work with Korn and Puff Daddy (or the man formerly known as Puff Daddy) - and there actually might be two different versions of the video made. True.

ILL NINO, TAKE 1 - 6.23.2003

Last month, whilst Ill Nino was elbow deep in the recording of their sophomore Roadrunner release, we told that percussionist Roger Vasquez and guitarist Marc Rizzo amicably parted ways with the band...Marc, of course, sticking around to record the new album - currently titled Confessions. Well, Ill Nino is pleased to announce that it has found new members in former Machine Head guitarist Arhue Luster (who joins the band after a stint with Sacramento band, Juggernaut) and ex-point4hope/God Is I drummer, Danny Couto (now Ill Nino percussionist).

"It's a great new start," says Chavarri. "Everyone in the band feels amazing about the two new guys and we can't wait to get out on the road and fuck shit up."

Did You Know? Ahrue has been friends with Ill Nino for quite some time now, as they previously toured the U.S. and Europe together back when Ahrue was in Machine Head. True. Biggest reason for tagging Ahrue as the new guitarist? "From the first rehearsal...he fit in immediately," tells Chavarri. The band tried out a half dozen guitarists, but chose Ahrue because - simply put - he was 'the best.' As Dave describes, "The tightest player and the person who most fit in with the Ill Nino sound."

And speaking of fitting with the Ill Nino sound, the band touts the other newbie Danny Couto as an "amazing percussionist." Did You Know, pt I? Danny actually played all the Latin and Tribal percussion on the upcoming new record. True. Did You Know, pt II? Like Ahrue, Danny too has been a friend of the band for years. In fact, he actually came out of the same band that bred Jardel (point4hope). It's True.

Ahrue, Danny...welcome to camp Ill Nino.

(press release from camp Ill Nino)

Ill Nino is currently tracking the follow-up to 2001's Revolution/Revolucion at a New Jersey recording studio with producer Bob Marlette (Saliva, Black Sabbath), with co-production handled by Ill Nino drummer Dave Chavarri. Due for release in Fall of 2003, Ill Nino's sophomore effort translates the ferocious vibe and Latin soul of the band's celebrated live show to disc. The mixing will be handled in June by Jay Baumgardner (Evanesence, Drowning Pool).

The making of the record has also seen a change in Ill Nino's membership: percussionist Roger Vasquez and guitarist Marc Rizzo amicably parting ways with the band. "We're parting as friends," states Chavarri. "In fact, Marc is playing guitar on the record totally living up to his commitment to the band. Those guys are great musicians and totally part of the Ill Nino family. It was time for them to pursue other directions in music…nothing more, nothing less. We'll all go on to better days both as individuals and as Ill Nino. I wish them well." At this time, Ill Nino is firming up two new members and will announce their joining in the month of June.

And how are things going for Ill Nino in the studio? According to Chavarri, vocalist Cristian Machado, bassist Laz Pina and guitarist Jardel Paisante: "It's been unbelievably easy and really the most fun we've ever had making a record. We've all opened up a lot as musicians and it's really showing as the songs are being recorded. It's everything Ill Nino is: heavy, melodic and tribal. The vibe is amazing. We want to let our fans know how good things are going and simply thank them for supporting Ill Nino through thick and thin. The revolution will be back in your town this summer!"

(Studio Report From Ill Nino's Dave Chavarri)

What's up everyone! Just writing in to let you know what Ill Nino has been up to since the band came off the road in December 2002.... After touring the world for two years and being on the road together for so long, each member of the band has really gotten to know and respect each other as friends and musicians. After 24 months of life on the road, everyone in Ill Nino is happy to be home with family and loved ones...but fucking psyched to record our second CD (THANKS TO YOU!!) and to get back to touring.

We've been getting together six days a week in our new rehearsal studio in Union City N.J., practicing and writing new music for the new record (and FREEZING OUR BALLS OFF in the process!). I'm personally loving the new material and I'm very happy to say that Cris's new vocals and lyrics are the bomb, and everyone in the band has completely progressed as players and writers.

As for the direction of the new material, I can say with certainty that Ill Nino's new shit is angrier, more heartfelt, more Latin, and more tribal than anything we've done in the past. We're truly trying our hardest to bring you the best music Ill Nino has ever written, and the new shit is HOT...

As always, thank you for supporting Ill Nino! 'Till next time, Peace...


The sophomore Ill Nino release will be produced by Bob Marlette (Saliva, Black Sabbath), and co-produced by Dave Chavarri.


Wondering what Ill Nino has been up to since the last time they bulldozed through your town?

We caught up with bassist Laz Pina taking a smoke outside the band's New Jersey rehearsal space. The answer was simple: Ill Nino has been writing their collective asses off and have a shit-load of new song. The goal: Getting into the studio in the next few months for the follow-up to 2001's Revolution...Revolucion.

"We've been writing," Laz said simply. "Just trying to bring out the sincerest, truest, best music we possibly can."

If Laz seems confident, who can blame him? Dec, 2002 found the band wrapping up nearly two years touring the globe with a run of sold out shows culminating in a beyond packed return to the place it all began for Los Ninos: New Jersey's Birch Hill on Dec 21.
"We sold out both New York and New Jersey shows which was really gratifying for us as a band. It was a good closure for this record and a good way to start it up again -- to begin the next chapter for this band."
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Saturday, June 28th, 2003
2:19 am

ill nino's video was just on headbangers ball. very cool. i want to see them again. cristian reminds me of my friend ray. theyre both hot. ;) lol anyway...

seriously, more people need to join.. theres like what, 4 people here? :\


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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
2:52 pm

i dont want this community to die. =[

get more people to join!! ill nino is great. yeah.

the end.

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